Arrow Kart X5 Cadet – Order now from the team

Arrow Kart X5 Cadet – order yours today from the team at Stable Karting $4,000
The X5 Cadet’s multiple pedal mounting positions features two mounting positions integrated into the chassis for extra strength, and the optional Rudder Kit provides secure comfort for the smaller driver’s feet. Other systems available can flex or twist, robbing drivers of the precision they need to perform at their best.
The new Rudder Kit utilises DPE’s unique billet adjustable heel rest system, and includes heel rest plates, pedals, shorter brake rod and all mounting hardware. When the driver outgrows the short setting, it is a simple process to remove the rudder kit and switch back to the standard pedals in the ‘long’ position.
Driver comfort and control is further enhanced by a new high grip steering wheel which is compatible with Alfano and Mychron data logging units.
The kart features complete adjustability including camber, castor and Ackerman, and ride height at both ends. Braking is handled by a ventilated, slotted and cross drilled disc with self adjusting machined billet allot brake caliper and hydraulic brake system. The flat top sliding engine mount system is anodised black, as is all the kart’s componentry.
28mm chassis tubing
950mm wheelbase (900mm available as custom build)
KG MK14 bodywork with Arrow graphics kit
DPE’s unique billet adjustable heel rest system, ensuring optimum comfort for all size drivers
Multiple pedal mounting positions to suit shorter or taller drivers utilising the new Rudder Kit
Fully adjustable camber & castor, and Ackerman
Adjustable front and rear ride height
High grip steering wheel compatible with Alfano & Mychron units
Ventilated, slotted & cross drilled brake disc with self adjusting machined billet alloy brake caliper
Black anodised machined alloy componentry
Flat top sliding engine mount system
Kartech 30mm ‘Medium’ axle
KG 3-piece rear spoiler
Select any seat from DPE’s wide range to meet your exact needs.
Available in 950mm and 900mm configurations (900mm is a custom build), and with long and short pedal positions, the Arrow X5 Cadet is designed to perform at its optimum for all driver sizes and on varying tracks.
All karts sold exclude seat to allow selection to meet your exact needs. Seats start from $200 for a kartech or IMAF $365 Please also add freight and insurance to your kart purchase budget, usually about $250.
Kart is a complete rolling chassis. Seat, tyres, engine, exhaust not included. Kart is delivered partially assembled. Seat must be fitted and bodywork installed. Engine and exhaust fitment must be performed or arranged by the customer. Tyres should only be fitted by a trained professional.