Getting Started

So you have decided you want to buy a kart. You’ve screamed around the local indoor kart track and are now looking for something with a bit more power.

Whatever your reasons, you now have decided you want to race………………….What Now?

Karting caters for people of all ages from 6 year old cadets to 60 year old seniors. There is certainly a class that will cater for your age, weight and of course your budget.

Karting is attractive to many, as it is in fact the cheapest form of motorsport available in Australia today. Karting today is sophisticated, yet affordable. Race circuits are small scale versions of sports car type road circuits and are mostly bitemen. Karting is also considered to be the purest form of motorsport, as the kart itself is made up of only a small number of components that can affect the overall performance.

Karting allows you to really participate in some of the most exciting racing you as a driver will ever experience. There is a place in karting for you as the driver or mechanic. Karting offers mechanical interest, design, high performance, driving skill and the most competitive racing ever.

Dads, mums, sons and daughters can all participate and have a great time at race meetings. The whole family can become involved both on and off the track. Karting teaches discipline in young drivers and is also a great confidence builder. However, karting is far from being just for the juniors. It is a sport that many professional and business people have become involved in. From that occasional weekend outing to the carefully planned, scheduled and budgeted year long campaign for the national championship. Karting caters for all levels.

Find your local track, attend race meetings, ask questions, introduce yourself to club members, indroduce yourself to the local kart dealer. Decide on what class looks appealing to you, decide on budget, new or used etc.

You will find everlasting friendships with people involved in karting and you will genuinely have a great time being involved.

Karting Classes

What do I need?