Karting Classes


BEGINNER – Club Level Racing

Cadet 9 (6 – 9 years)
The purpose of this class is to teach young people to drive karts of restricted performance at a limited cost. Competitors use a Vortex 60cc Mini Rok fitted with a restrictor plate or Comer SW80 engine with a clutch. Drivers aged between 6 and 7 are only able to practice and must be 7 years of age before starting racing.
Approx. Power – 6hp

Cadet 12 (10 – 12 years)
Using the same principal of the Cadet class the Cadet 12 class use a Vortex 60cc Mini Rok or Yamaha KT100J engine fitted with a restrictor plate.
Approx. Power – 8hp

KA4 Junior (12 – 16 years)
With two weight divisions this class allows close competitive racing in karts with reliable engines (IAME KA100 Reedjet (fitted with a restrictor) or Yamaha KT100J) still fast enough to teach the basics of racecraft at a low cost.
Approx. Power – 11hp

KA4 Senior (15+ years)
The engine used is the reliable IAME KA100 Reedjet (fitted with a restrictor) Yamaha KT100J which is the same as used in the Junior National class.
Approx. Power – 11hp

KA3 Senior (15+ years)
Utilising the IAME KA100 reedjet or Yamaha KT100S, this class offers relatively low cost, yet fast and competitive racing. The Clubman class, as with all ‘controlled’ classes, uses a single brand and compound tyre, with wet weather tyres also an option for inclement conditions.
Approx. Power – 16hp

TaG 125 Restricted (Touch And Go – Formula Rotax, IAME X30, PRD Galaxy etc) (15+ years)
The TAG Restricted class caters for entry level competitors using push button or key start engines such as the Rotax MAX, X30 and PRD Galaxy engines fitted with a restricter plate. The engines used in these classes are watercooled and are fitted with a clutch and provide an easy step from beginner into the more powerful 125cc Open categories.