What do I need?


Helmets – Your helmet will need to be a full face helmet with a visor and must be worn at all times during racing and or practice. All helmets need to meet the Australian standard AS1698. It is also important to note that all helmets must be within 10 years of manufacture date.

Driving Suit – All karting suits must be one piece and should be made of a material that offer a high level of abrasion resistance. Suits need to be adequately secure at the neck, wrist and ankles, and must be worn at all times during racing and or practice.

Gloves and boots – Gloves and Boots must be worn at all times during racing and or practice. Gloves should provide full finger protection and be secure around your wrists. Boots must cover ankles.

Safety Gear – Neck braces, chest protectors and ear plugs, although not a requirement for seniors, highly recommended especially for the 125 TAG classes. However, rib protectors are mandatory for all cadet &  junior classes. While we are at compulsory items, in 2016 mandatory plastic rear bars have also been introduced as a compulsory item.

Chassis – There are many chassis available on the market today and many classes to choose from for karting. However, each kart manufacturer will produce a number of chassis suited to various different classes. When you know what class you will be racing in, decide on a manufacturer.
First decision – Australian vs European manufactured chassis. The ever debated Holden vs Ford debate. Our best advice, go with what is supported at your local track. No point buying a chassis your local kart dealer cannot help you with.
Engine – Most karting engines are 2-stroke 100cc engines. Engines range from the Cadet Vortex Mini Rok engines of 6hp  or Junior IAME KA100 engines which produce about 11HP, through to the Rotax Max 125 or IAME X30 125 engines, which produce 28hp and are capable of speeds of 120+.

Tyres – All classes have a strict brand and type that must be run depending on engine & class. Karts use slick tyres in the dry and grooved tyres for wet weather conditions. All tyres are AKA approved and controlled.